To the Moon? Bitcoin & the June 2021 Solar Eclipse

For those who haven’t seen my predictions surrounding the May-June 2021 Eclipses and what these could mean for Bitcoin, I’ve prepared a summary video, which you can watch below.

I also look at the upcoming Saturn-Uranus square, which makes some pretty tight aspects to the Bitcoin angles and what this could mean with regards to the tensions already building between the grassroots cryptocommunity and defi space on one hand, and institutions plus governments, on the other. Mercury retrograde and its tricksy square to Neptune are also covered.

FYI: I made these videos back in May, not long after the Elon tweet and the major crash that followed, so it will be interesting to see how my predictions play out over the medium term. It’s worth keeping in mind, that for me, solar eclipses tend to set in motion six month-long trends, so some of what I predict may take a while to manifest/start to make an appearance. Be sure to check back in a few months from now (3 will usually do it) to see whether or not I was right.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not considered financial advice and that any predictions I make are not necessarily indicative of my person views or wishes towards the cryptocurrency market. I am just trying to report what I see in the charts – even if this isn’t exactly what I – or anybody else for that matters – wants to hear. So if you are looking for something to confirm your existing bias, then just accept that you may (or may not) like what I have to say.

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