Bounceback or Bloodbath? Bitcoin & the Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse

Bitcoin has taken a bit of a beating recently, thanks to a little FUD and dirty tricks from vested interests, some poorly-timed tweets from Elon Musk – and a LOT of leverage.

After a sharp drop in price of over 55% in the space of two weeks, however, it appears to be making a gradual recovery. But is it out of the woods yet?

To answer that question, we need to consider the impact of upcoming Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on May the 26th, and it’s partner, the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June the 10th. These will close out the magical soli-lunar cycle begun in December 2020 – the month that Bitcoin went stellar – and begin a fresh six month phase – one that will carry the signature of 2021’s most volatile set of aspects: the dreaded Saturn-Uranus squares

So what is this likely to mean for the rest of the 2021 Bitcoin bull market cycle? Plenty, as it happens!

To find out more, watch my videocast on the AstroInsights Blog which looks at the medium term trends likely to affect this titan of cryptocurrencies, as well as taking a sneak peak at some upcoming macro-cycles likely to affect the global economy between now and 2027. For a more general cosmic weather forecast for the Sagittarius Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse, check out my latest videocast using the link provided, or visit my YouTube channel.

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