Warrior Moon: Set Your World Alight.

IG UK Blood Moon photo

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse isn’t called the Blood Moon for the reasons you may think!

Rather than it’s colour, which isn’t actually all that unusual, it’s more about the involvement of a turbo-charged (and retrograde) Mars. When the Full Moon rises, already a browny-reddish colour, it will form a line in the sky with a very bright and prominent Mars – currently closer than it has been to earth since 2003 (and before that, for 60 millennia).

As we all know from our mythology, Mars is the red planet, and so associated with fire, heat, passion, enthusiasm, drive, focus and a killer instinct. This is the Wands suit of the tarot deck  but also The Tower in the Major Arcana. 

This lunar eclipse is all about warrior energy – but instead of kicking ass in the outer world, it’s more about conquering our inner demons. It’s worth remebering that Mars is retrograde, which puts the focus firmly on the past – and what’s inside.

The message is very much about using the power of fire to cleanse and purify our lives, let go of what is no longer needed, and use the alchemical process of heat (read: love, desire, enthusiasm, and yes, even anger) to transform psychological and emotional lead into gold.

Do so now, and you’ll be ready to shine come August when a new solar eclipse in Leo presses the reset button on a fresh six month cycle.

Find out more about where to see it in the night sky, and gain some in-depth insights on how to navigate this high impact energy. Read my in-depth and FREE July Eclipse Forecast now!

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