Mars square Pluto: Back to Basics

As we move through the cycle reset activated by Monday’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, don’t be surprised if some old shadows emerge as we move into the liminal space between what was and what will be. This is to be expected – after all, change can be scary. Fear of the unknown can often trigger in us subconscious wounds & behaviour patterns that can derail our process and sabotage our desire to make positive life changes – if we let them.

This is especially true of the energies around between now and the end of February 2021 as the last remaining retrograde planet, Uranus, re-enters the part of the zodiac that it occupied back in April-May 2020 when COVID-19 cases peaked in certain parts of the world. As a result, you may be feeling the associated wariness, suspicion and fear of contagion that was so rife amongst the collective back then.

Something that could inadvertently lead us to neglect the positive energy of the solstice grand conjunction, with its promise of a brand new 20-year era of expansion, and instead get caught up in ego conflict and scarcity-based struggles – a possibility heightened by the Mars-Pluto square on on Dec 23. This is shadow energy, so try not to get sucked into it – it is a fear-based miasma created by our collective reptilian brain – a species memory centered around survival.

Instead, think back to what worked and was important back during Taurus season 2020: nourishment, sunlight (or light therapy), nature and immune-boosting activities like exercise and good sleep hygiene. It is health we need to focus on – not illness or raiding the shops for extra baked beans and loo roll. Taurus is all about habit, as well as our physical wellbeing, much of which is dependent on our lifestyle – something that many clinicians and health practitioners have been emphasising throughout this pandemic. It is these fundamentals that we need to return to now as a means to bolster health and in turn, prevent or mitigate the effetcs of disease.

Aha moments or unexpected messages that come to you during Friday’s positive and uplifting earth trine between Mercury and Uranus could be just the breakthroughs and paradigm shifts you need, offering important clues as to what you can do to stay healthy and remain buoyant during the next 2.5 months or so, despite what appears to be happening in the exterior world.

For some great tips on how to boost your immune system using food, visit the knowledge base at, or check out Channel 4’s The Food Hospital featuring dietitician Lucy Jones.

Below is an extract from one of my previous videos all about the Renaissance astrologer and physician, Marsilio Ficino who I think has some very pertinent and fascinating tips and insights on how to harness the healing power of the planets, particularly the Sun. I find it so interesting how modern science is only just starting to cotton onto what astrologers, alchemists and healers knew over 500 years ago.

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