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Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for July 2014…

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Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN CANCER – 27 June 2014

Towards the end of June, we experienced a New Moon in Cancer, which meant the start of a fresh month-long phase during which we should see a surge in family-, home- and food-oriented activities, from seaside holidays with relatives to outdoor barbeques, or possibly even a home renovation or two. It is also worth noting that this New Moon also happened to make a positive aspect to Neptune, currently retrograde in Pisces, suggesting that the next 30 days or so may also be a good time to rest and recharge your batteries, especially via places or activities connected with water, from spas to lakeside cabins. It may also be the right time to concentrate on spiritual or self-help programmes, especially those that focus on self-nurturing, cultivating forgiveness or compassion, and healing old family rifts.


Mid-July, we are scheduled to experience a Full Moon in Capricorn. If you’ve been working hard lately, perhaps on a political campaign, business plan or charitable project, then know that any pressure or stress that you experience around the Full Moon will reach its natural peak before easing off. Themes such as personal advancement, social responsibility or election for public office could hold more emotional resonance than usual. If you’ve had to be strong for loved ones, endure emotional hardship as a result of recent lifestyle changes or been forced to make a lot of personal sacrifices for work recently, then know that you could receive some form of reward or recognition for all you have done around now.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LEO – 22 July 2014

Having reached the period of maximum daylight in the northern hemisphere, marked by last month’s summer solstice, we now move towards the hottest period of the year – the months of July and August.

It is therefore fitting that on 22 July, Prince George’s birthday, the Sun will move into fiery Leo, the sign over which it rules. From Leo, the Sun radiates natural confidence, oodles of charisma and the ability to attract success, so if these are qualities you would like to cultivate, then the next month is the perfect time to do so.

With lucky, philosophical Jupiter also due to enter Leo this month, it may be a good idea to ponder over the true meaning of leadership: some would argue that it should be more about setting a good example and being of service to one’s subordinates than throwing your weight around or enjoying the privileges of your elevated social position. Do you agree? What does being in charge mean to you? This is likely to be a hot topic for debate now and over the coming few weeks.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout June 2014


Mercury Direct – 1 July
Saturn Direct – 21 July
Uranus Retrograde – 22 July

Good news! Both Mercury and Saturn return to direct motion this month – Mercury on the 1st, and Saturn, 20 days later. On the one hand, this is likely to mean a return to clearer thinking, more straightforward communication and fewer travel delays, as well as the ability to plan, structure and execute strategies properly once again. But on the other, it is likely to see an increase in the pace of life and events, as well as the return of certain inhibitions, rules or restrictions that may have been loosened during the last few months.

On 22 July, the same day that the Sun ingresses into Leo, Uranus, ruler of opposite sign, Aquarius, will begin its annual retrograde spell in Aries. Choosing to view this period as an opportunity to assess whether or not you feel you are leading your most authentic life is one way to engage with this energy. Another might be to consider how you could better get the world to recognise your unique views or talents, or perhaps most controversially, consider more effective ways of utilising any feelings of anger or social outrage you might harbour about a particular issue or cause.

Currently, Uranus in Aries seems to resonate fairly strongly with the grass roots socio-political zeitgeist, especially in terms of reconnecting individuals with their ability to influence the collective through social media and organised political action. Equally, it has also reacquainted many of us, especially young people, with the power of democracy, technology and chaos to uproot oppressive structures, revolutionise whole industries and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, whether political or financial. So, if you have unfinished business in this area, and would like to return to a particular cause, have another crack at perfecting an app or invention, or just revisit an old but pertinent issue, then the next six months is the time to do so.


Mercury back into Cancer: 13-30 July

Mercury resumes direct motion on July the 1st, which means that the planet of commerce, communications and travel will begin the process of retracing its steps through Gemini and back into Cancer. This means that mid-month, you can expect a return of some of the themes that may have come up for you between the 29th of May and the 13th of June when Mercury was last in this zodiac sign. Examples may include the desire to overcome shyness, the need to be heard by a child or parent, or the right to express your views on emotive subjects such as pregnancy, childcare, abortion or food. This is a great time to share your knowledge and experience in this area, or to market a business idea connected to educational toys, learning aids or a home-based enterprise.

In the media, I wouldn’t be surprised if nostalgic/retro themes became prominent in advertising campaigns, or people returned to the debate about issues such as school food/child nutrition on the news. We may also see a surge in interest in programmes about home décor, the search for long-lost relatives, or tips about how to conceive/adopt/cope with difficult family members.

Venus into Cancer: 18 July-11 August

Joining Mercury in Cancer on the 18th of July will be planet of love, money and creativity, Venus. This is likely to spell a period during which nestling with family or loved ones will seem very appealing. Pleasurable activities now could mean chilling at home, lazing on the beach or sharing a meal with some special people with whom you share a strong sense of emotional connection and belonging.

If you’re an artist or fashion designer, then it’s possible that your designs during this time will be influenced by your childhood, the style/tastes of a parent or even the spirit of a bygone era.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself keen to make a bit of extra cash through baking, supper clubs or knitting. Eating yourself beautiful and the link between health, nutrition and good looks could also become a big theme now. Psychologically, this is a time when you can learn a lot about nurturing, self-care and emotional security.

Jupiter into Leo: 18 July-11 August

This July, big boy Jupiter will ingress into playful and regal Leo, where it will remain for the rest of 2014 and much of 2015. During its stay here, we can expect subjects such as fame, leadership, freedom of expression and the rights of the individual to move to centre stage. Stars that choose to combine their ability to command attention with the desire to support a good cause or send an ethical/political message could see their shares sky rocket now, provided they project sincerity and tolerance, and avoid becoming hypocritical, judgemental or overly preachy.

Those with Leo rising or Leo suns are likely to experience this as a positive and expansive time, during which you can succeed at almost anything you put your mind to, so think big and don’t be afraid to take risks. Bold moves and big gambles may just pay off now.


This month, we have a number of cosmic power days to look forward to.Pick your key date/s from the list below, depending on what you want to achieve or cultivate, and mark them in your diary.

Self-actualisation, self-advancement, self-mastery
Sun trine Saturn – 9 July
If you’re looking to create more emotional stability or financial security, be more self-sufficient or self-actualising as a family or better master your emotions around food or children, then this is the day to pick. The Sun in Cancer pairs up with Saturn in Scorpio today, allowing you to combine powerful and transformative structures or processes with emotional strength and the wisdom of self-knowledge to overcome bad habits, realise personal goals and transform domestic situations. Right now, you have the ability to change your personal circumstances or lifestyle, provided you can harness your emotions and follow through on plans. This is a time to add positive structures to day-to-day life and to bring passion and feeling to all that you do.

Self-belief, self-confidence, optimism, having the courage of your convictions
Sun conjunct Jupiter – 24 July
With the Sun and Jupiter due to meet in Leo today, this is an excellent time to shine. You’re likely to feel optimistic about the future now and have confidence and enthusiasm in spades, making it a good moment to take to the stage, make a sermon, teach by example or have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. If you’re hungry for recognition, then this is also a great time in which to demonstrate to others what you are made of. Higher-ups should also prove to be tolerant, magnanimous – even generous, so if you need a pardon or favour, this is the right moment to ask.

Elevated ideas, refined self-expression, peak creative experiences, intuitive abilities
Mercury trine Neptune – 19 July
If certain words, concepts or ideas have been eluding you recently, then today, things should finally slot into place. Mercury and Neptune will help you to seamlessly combine logic, creativity and intuitive abilities so that you can explain obscure subjects, solve tricky problems or grasp complex ideas with ease. This is an excellent day for practising meditation or visualisation techniques, revelling in the wisdom of a poet, mystic or guru or expressing yourself through the medium of film or photography. Introducing spirituality or mindfulness techniques into your studies, speeches or discussions could also prove to be highly beneficial now.

Love, romance, artistic inspiration
Venus trine Neptune – 24 July
If love, poetry and romance are what you are yearning for, then this could very well be your day. Right now, lovers will be ever so romantic and attentive; and loved ones, more sensitive to your needs than usual. If you are artistic, then it’s possible that you will be blessed with waves of inspiration now, something that can be encouraged through the use of music, contact with water, meditation or lyrical movement. Creative partnerships flow and people can put aside their egos and collaborate selflessly at this time.

Polished speeches, strong family ties, transformative emotional realisations
Mercury trine Saturn – 25 July
If you need to refine a piece of writing, simplify or polish a speech, or reinvent yourself politically or publicly, then this is an excellent day to do so. Mercury, in touchy feely Cancer, combines with magnetic and compelling Saturn in Scorpio today to help you ooze charm and charisma, as well as put forward your ideas convincingly – great for those in the food or domestic energy business, or anyone in politics or research. It will also provide you with the self-honesty and emotional insights needed to make real leaps forward psychologically, especially when it comes to family dynamics.

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