Mercury Retrograde & the Spectre of a Halloween Brexit

Halloween 2019 will be especially spooky: not only will Mercury be turning retrograde in scary Scorpio on October the 31st, but thanks to ongoing Parliamentary hi-jinks between Boris Johnson’s ragtag government and a bellicose, rebellious Parliament, the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit continues to loom large.

As we saw back in February-March, when Mercury retrograded in Pisces, Westminster politics went into meltdown. Now it looks as though the same thing could happen again.

With Venus set to form a ‘make-or-break’ sextile to powerful Pluto today, before joining up with Mercury next Wednesday (30th) – the day before it changes direction, the clock is ticking.

Can the movement of these two planets offer us any clues as to how this particular episode in the Brexit drama is likely to end? Find out in my latest post on the AstroInsights Blog.

PS. I also enjoyed the recent poll by Beano comic books, which revealed that:

54% of families are drawing direct inspiration from Brexit for their Halloween plans on Thursday

Sky News

In fact, nearly a third of respondents plan to dress up as Boris Johnson (who was named ‘ghastliest figure of the century’, while 20% of British households plan to use Brexit-themed decorations at their Haloween celebrations this year.

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