November’s Astro-Insights

 Your Guide to the Astrological Weather for November 2014…

Driving on an empty road towards the moon

November is as much about consolidation and fine-tuning as it is about taking steps to refine or reform key life structures, routines and relationships. With plenty of planets passing through the sign of Scorpio, a theme likely to be prevalent all month is that of power and its use or abuse. To get the low down on what to expect from the cosmic weather, read on…


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases


Last month, we began a brand new six month cycle care of the New Moon solar eclipse, which coincided with the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio. As I wrote last month, this event also involved Venus and Mercury, making it likely that self-expression and assertiveness within relationships, as well as inter-personal communication styles, may prove to be key over the next half-year period. Inherited or borrowed money, as well as intimacy and shared resources are also possible themes that may be highlighted between now and April 2015.

For a recap of what I wrote about this soli-lunar event last month, visit my October Astro-Insights page.

I will also shortly be posting a mundane eclipse forecast for the latest eclipse series, so look out for it in the next week or so.


As a follow-up to last month’s Scorpio New Moon, we can expect a Full Moon in earthy Taurus on the 6th at 22h23 GMT. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, making it a very powerful and beneficial time. Take stock where money and possessions are concerned and ask yourself whether you are happy with certain routines or your diet. If not, it may be time to let go of excess baggage, whether this be a few pounds or some bad spending habits.

With Venus orbiting close to the Sun at the time, it seems likely that this particular Full Moon will highlight any outstanding financial issues within relationships that need resolving, such as bank loans, property mortgages, alimony, divorce settlements, investments, joint bank accounts or inheritances.

Relationships are definitely likely to be a flash point now. Getting the balance right in terms of the give and take within personal relationships often means facing up to underlying power imbalances, which can be emotionally awkward. But with Pluto sextiling the Sun, face up to them you must. If someone close to you has been using you or failing to pay their way, the time has come to discuss a different arrangement or draw a line in the sand.

Although you could experience inner conflict between fulfilling your needs and those of other people at this time, it is important to find a way through problems. Although challenging, it will help to develop greater understanding and improve dynamics long term. Healing and transformation are all possible now, provided neither party remains in denial.


The Moon joins the Sun as it ingresses into Sagittarius on the 22nd at 12h32 GMT. Generally speaking, this is a good time to begin new initiatives with regard to foreign travel, further education, philosophy, religion and the law.

Saturn will conjunct this New Moon, which will add a more serious overtone to proceedings. The urge to make concrete plans and trust that people will keep their promises now is likely to be fairly strong. Emotionally, you will be attracted to ideas and plans that are solid, practical and make sense, rather than airy fair notions.

However, with Mercury also in the mix, it’s possible that you may have trouble focusing or following through, especially given that Jupiter will be square to the planet of intellect and communication at the time of the New Moon.

The key will be to try and strike a balance between good intentions and the ability to follow through, avoid grandiose plans or schemes, and avoid exaggerating about your abilities or position because it’s very likely you’ll be asked to put your money where your mouth is in the next month or so.

Solar Phases


On November 22, the Sun will ingress into gregarious and enthusiastic Sagittarius, making the next month a great time to focus on sports, large animals, learning new things and expressing your intellectual and cultural nous. Expect your conscious energy to be focused on wide-ranging, exciting activities that uplift the spirits and widen horizons such as exploratory research or travel abroad.

Adventure and cultural expression are both liable to play a key role in your life now. You’re particularly likely to become enthusiastic about anything that inspires you and helps you forget about daily chores. Religion, law, philosophy, academia, and ethics are just some of the many areas which may attract your attention now. People from foreign lands or who speak different languages could help to simulate you and provide a fresh and different perspective on life. At this time, you will also gain enjoyment from setting goals and making plans for the future, as you’ll be in an optimistic and positive frame of mind.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout November 2014


Neptune Direct Retrograde: 16 November

Mid-November, Neptune is due to station in Pisces, returning once more to forward motion.This signals a time to focus your creative and psychic energies on the future, and to share any healing, artistic or compassionate urges with the world rather than keeping them private. Charitable fundraising and artistic activities, especially using film or art to raise awareness for a good cause, should finally get somewhere now.


Mercury back into Scorpio: 8 – 27 Nov

After October’s retrograde spell, Mercury is currently retracing its steps through Libra and back into Scorpio, from where it changed direction last month. As it does so, expect issues and themes from the last few weeks to finally begin to clear up or move forward once again. For a recap of what Mercury in Scorpio is all about, you can re-visit my October Astro-Insights page.

Venus into Sagittarius: 16 Nov – 10 Dec

Mid-November, Venus enters playful and flirtatious Sagittarius from where she is likely to help singletons attract suitors aplenty. Those already in relationships will probably feel the urge to either share more adventures or cultural stimulus with their partners or else seek more freedom and independence within existing partnerships. Sagittarius, whilst being a jolly and game sign, is not exactly known for letting the grass grow under its feet, which could mean plenty of opportunities for fun but not really a yearning for commitment. Art-wise, this is a good time to deal in paintings or photographs that depict far flung places, equestrian scenes or sports.

Mars into Capricorn: 26 Oct – 4 December

Late last month, energetic Mars shifted into Capricorn, a position where it is traditionally exalted. Mars will remain in this sign for the whole of November, making it a great time to pursue your dreams and achieve your ambitions in a clear, precise and methodical way. The steadying influence of sensible Capricorn is also likely to mean that ordinarily rash or brash individuals will not only act with some discretion, but also do so responsibly and ethically. However, don’t be fooled – Mars here indicates enormous determination and deep seated drive, so anyone with strong Mars or Capricorn influences is likely to become quite domineering or controlling if they feel threatened, or if their goals are in any way thwarted.


November begins with a series of really fabulous aspects that are certainly worth noting in your diary! Venus in particular will be very busy this month, which bodes well for love and relationships. Below is a breakdown of this month’s key astrological highlights.

Big ideas, philosophical outlook, infectious enthusiasm, gentle persuasion
Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto – 1 November

As November opens, we can look forward to another expansive and upbeat sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Any big ideas or bold plans first formulated or mooted on or around October 20 which may have been temporarily halted or paused as a result of Mercury’s retrograde spell now get the green light. Discussions concerning intellectual partnerships or philosophical affiliations should go well now, as will any attempt to approach important people for their support or financial backing.

With Venus also due to make a sextile to Pluto today, it seems very likely that relationships of all kinds may also receive a boost. If you need to talk about the future, or find a way to work through a thorny issue, this is the time to do so. Relations with authority or with parents or senior figures are also well-starred. This is a great time to make changes and express your passionate side, so be brave and speak your mind!

Artistically, this could be a time of creative breakthroughs, deep realisations and the subtle development of highly effective or powerfully provocative techniques. It could also be a great period of physical or psychological healing if you’re prepared to open yourself up and deal with difficult or deeply buried personal issues.

Fluid movements, fertile imagination, pursuing your dreams, sacred sexuality
Mars sextile Neptune – 1 Nov

After their trine on the 7th of August, the planets of willpower and spirituality meet again, this time with Mars in Capricorn – a highly favourable sign. The combination of ethical action and subtle, compassionate understanding makes for a potent combination. If you have a goal or ambition that you never in your wildest dreams thought you’d get a chance to pursue, then dust it off and do something about making it a reality – chances are that you’ll be surprised at how far you’re able to take things now.

Personal power, self-healing, relationship transformation
Sun conjunct Venus sextile Pluto – 3 November

Last month, you may have encountered a number of challenging relationship issues or had to make some tough personal choices and/or drastic lifestyle changes around the Sun-Pluto square, especially between October 4th and 8th. Now, however you’ll begin to reap the benefits of your actions. Cutting out what was superfluous, getting back to basics and reassessing your priorities is likely to begin to pay off at the beginning of November as the Sun and Venus both sextile powerful and passionate Pluto.

The Sun-Pluto sextile makes this a great time to assert your power for the greater good, reaffirm your alliances with important people or practise tried and tested ways to maintain health and vitality. In fact, all forms of individual transformation are favoured now, as are pursuits such as research, psycho-therapy and personal healing.

Romance-wise, the involvement of Venus makes this is a superb time to meet a tall, dark stranger who is both sexy and charismatic, if a tad mysterious. Passions run deep, but substance matters as much as style, so if you’re single make sure your chat is as good as your outfit this week-end if you want to land yourself a hottie.

Self-indulgence, over-spending, power struggles
Venus square Jupiter – 9 November

A month after the wonderful Venus-Jupiter sextile, some adjustments may be necessary as Venus moves to square Jupiter. Too much of a good thing can sometimes lead to laziness, apathy and selfishness – none of which are especially admirable qualities. Although a higher-up may be willing to do you a favour today, it could come at a price – just be sure it is one you are willing to pay! At work, you’ll need to push yourself a bit harder on order to motivate yourself. A good day to leave the credit card at home and make an appointment with your personal trainer who can whip you into shape. Whatever you do, don’t squander any opportunities for learning or expansion that come your way just because you don’t feel like it right now – you’ll regret it later!

Bold changes, impulsive action, explosive anger
Mars conjunct Pluto (square Uranus) – 11 November

Mars and Pluto, the two planets most associated with focus and willpower, meet in determined Capricorn today. This has the potential to turn you into a dynamo of energy and productivity and a force for change in the world. However, with Uranus hovering close to a square with Pluto, there will be an element of unpredictability and volatility in the air. Be careful when handling power cables, be sure to back up your computer and take extra care with online transactions. Sudden and uncontrolled impulsiveness and explosive anger are both possible now if those who feel powerless or desperate are challenged or threatened in any way, so watch out, especially when out driving.

Volatile energy, sudden explosions, motor accidents
Mars square Uranus – 13 November

A few days after Mars conjuncts Pluto, it moves on to square erratic Uranus. This could lead to erratic and unpredictable, possibly even violent behaviour, power short circuits and even flash mobs or explosions, so be extremely cautious when handling volatile substances, driving or operating machinery. Also, don’t be surprised if you experience sudden bursts of energy or are taken aback by angry outbursts from others. The key is to listen to any sudden warnings, premonitions or flashes of intuition and then act quickly to protect yourself and others from possible fires or dangerous technical malfunctions.

Serious art, romantic commitment, profound creative shifts
Venus conjunct Saturn – 13 November

Today, it’s possible that you’ll have that chat about the future you’ve been putting off for so long. With Venus and Saturn set to meet in serious, ‘tell it like it is’ Scorpio, it may be time to confront any possible problems or limitations within current relationships. Commitment, obligations, trust and reliability are all possible themes now. However, if you’re both prepared to work things out, the possibilities for healing and deeper levels of intimacy are very possible. Promises made at this time are for keeps, so choose your words wisely and think carefully about romantic propositions before responding.

Creatively, this could be a very productive time. Statement art could pack a powerful punch now, whilst sculptures or architectural forms could reach new heights (or depths) now. A great time to lay down the foundations for the future artistically.

Inflation, over-confidence, over-commitment
Sun square Jupiter – 14 November

Following in the wake of Venus is the Sun, which is due to clash with Jupiter today. This planetary pairing can often lead to overbearing and over-confident behaviour, as well as a tendency to boast or exaggerate – just something to bear in mind if you have a job interview or a client pitch. Let’s face it: No one likes a show-off, so try to reign in any tendencies to grand stand, and be sure to take it easy when it comes to plans and commitments. You could very easily take on too much today, or promise too much to others. Be realistic and don’t attempt to be superhuman now – you’ll only end up frazzled and/or with egg on your face.

Energetic self-expression, words into action, quick thinking
Mercury sextile Mars – 21 November

After some potential break-through moments of realisation care of a transformative meeting with Pluto, Mercury heads towards a stimulating sextile with ambitious and astute Mars. The result is likely to be that today you are on top mental form, exhibiting sharp judgement, quick thinking and a level of astuteness and eloquence that at other times you wish you had at your disposal. This is therefore an excellent day to make your mark career-wise, especially if you are due to make a presentation, pitch or speech. Those who work in the fields of education, coaching or the media, especially anything related to motoring, medicine or sports will be especially grateful for this aspect as it will keep you on the top of your game. On a more personal level, this is an excellent period in which to put plans into action, execute an advertising or political campaign. You’ll also be a fast learner, so if you plan to take a course or acquire a new skill, this is an auspicious time to begin a new course.

For more details of what to expect day by day, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

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