Skylights for 2016

Astro-Sphere's 2016 January Skylights
Astro-Sphere’s 2016 January Skylights

2015 was a pretty eventful year filled with many unexpected challenges, from terrorist attacks to a wobbly Chinese economy and political uncertainty over the future of Europe, leading to panic on the stockmarket; freak storms, natural disasters as well the Syrian refugee crisis. And yet it was also pivotal in many positive respects too – from women getting the vote in Saudi Arabia to the signing of the historic COP21 climate agreement, to same-sex marriage being legalised in America and of course, the birth of Princess Charlotte.

In many ways, then, you could say that 2015 was the Year of Uranus – filled with sudden, often unexpected and sometimes downright shocking events that threw us off-balance and forced many to reassess their priorities and let go of outdated habits, conventions, laws, perceptions or behaviour.

2016 – A year to smile about

The good news is that 2016 looks like a much easier ride. Thanks to a multitude of positive aspects involving the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, I think we can look forward to a much more upbeat and abundant year, with earth and water signs especially big winners in the cosmic lottery. Highlights include three Jupiter-Pluto trines in March, June and August as well as a stunning mystic rectangle involving key planets in water signs on July the 7th. Below is a list of my best picks:

It’s a go for Personal success, fame and career achievement

9 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

13-15 January, 3 May – Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter in Virgo

8-10 July – Sun and Mercury sextile Jupiter

5 April, 1 August – Sun trine Saturn

7 Dec – Sun sextile Jupiter

Love blossoms in 2016

Anyone looking for love, or to move a relationship to the next level is definitely in for a treat – Venus will be working extra hard in this department, expanding opportunities for romance (esp. during the first half of 2016), injecting some spark back into existing partnerships (think January, August and November) and creating opportunities for growth (March, May) and commitment (April, July) culminating in a fabulous minor grand trine on Christmas Day! So if 2015 was the year of the break up, then 2016 should be all about new relationship beginnings and the giddiness of romance. My favourite dates are listed below.

Five star dates for Love, Money & Creativity

10 February, 10 May – Venus trine Jupiter

27 June, 1 October – Venus trine Neptune

1 July, 26 October – Venus sextile Jupiter

12 April, 6 July – Venus trine Mars

27 August – Venus conjunct Jupiter

25 Dec – Venus minor grand trine Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus

Readjust your moral compass and redefine success

Naturally, all will not be entirely plain sailing: several momentous aspects involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in late spring/early summer and mid-winter look set to challenge our spiritual beliefs, cultural perspectives and ethical/moral compasses. I expect religion and nationalism to cause a fair amount of social upheaval and political tension as populations are forced to reassess their identity and values in the face of continuing mass migration and widespread pressure for institutional reform. Those blindly following the status quo may also begin to question their beliefs and assumptions, while workaholics may find themselves asking what success really means, especially if they never really get a chance to rest or enjoy the fruits of their labours. especially challenging dates include:

26 May – Jupiter square Saturn

18 June – Saturn square Neptune

2 Sept – Sun T-square to Saturn & Neptune

24 Nov – Jupiter square Pluto

26 Dec – Jupiter opposite Uranus

For those keen to maximise every possible opportunity this year, I have created an illustrated Astro-Almanac for 2016, complete with 12 different illustrations – one for each month – annotated with a neat list of all the major astrological movements for the year, set out day by day, as well as an easy-to-follow written guide to how to decode each and every phase of the cosmic weather. If you’d like to purchase one, you can find further details on the Astro-Report Shop website.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook updates for more detailed daily astro-insights into the cosmic weather as the year unfolds.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Astrological Highlights for 2016

Major Cosmic Events (world take note!)

16 March, 26 June, 18 August – Jupiter trine Pluto in earth signs

26 May – Jupiter square Saturn

18 June – Saturn square Neptune

7 July – Mystic rectangle involving Sun, Mercury & Venus stellium sextile Jupiter trine Pluto sextile Neptune

2 Sept – Sun T-square to Saturn & Neptune

9 Sept – Jupiter into Libra

24 Nov – Jupiter square Pluto

26 Dec – Jupiter opposite Uranus

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