Swiming Upstream: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Get ready for Mercury Retrograde! The planet of travel, negotiations, intellect and communications is set to reverse direction for the first time this year between 17 February and 10 March. ⁠

Many of us will remember the last two retrogrades through water signs in June and November 2019, and how much havoc and confusion they wreaked with people’s emotions. ⁠

Now, with Mercury in nebulous Pisces – the sign of its fall – we could see the word ‘surreal’ being taken to a whole new level! ⁠

Pisces is not known for clarity or good boundaries, so you’ll want to double check every fact and cross every ‘t’ when it comes to research/reports/offers/contracts.⁠

This retrograde is all about exploring your spirituality and creativity. It is also about learning to discern between intuition, on one hand, and the mirages created by our fears and traumas, on the other. ⁠

Spending time meditating each day is the simplest and fastest way to get in tune with your internal GPS, so that you can tell gut responses from knee-jerk reactions.⁠ It also opens up liminal mental space in which you can receive inspiration and divine guidance. The key is to practise some Virgoan discernment so that you are able to sift the wheat from the chaff, and workout what you can actualy use/apply in your life, and what is simply wishful thinking or navel gazing.

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