Passion & Purpose: Venus trine Neptune

As outlined in my earlier post about Venus in Scorpio, the planet of love, abundance, beauty and art is going to be making some pretty amazing transits during December 2020, starting this week when she makes a dreamy trine to Neptune on Dec 6 and follows it up with a sexy wink to passionate Pluto on December 10.

The first helps us to empathise with others and where necessary – forgive and let go of any past emotional hurts that may have been lingering since June. It is also sure to heighten intuition and spiritual perception, as well as open the way to higher forms of love and perception, including visionary/peak experiences and waves of creative imagination.

Later in the week, Pluto gives us the courage to stand in our truth and power, and make any difficult changes that may be needed to put us onto a path to greater relationship authenticity, prosperity or creative autonomy. Aside from helping us to get really clear about what we value and consider important (and eliminate what isn’t), it will also give us the confidence to assert ourselves and defend our worth – both in relationships and any form of negotiation involving finances or creative endeavours.

It is also likely to raise the temperature between those who’ve been carrying a torch or felt a spark with someone special – things could definitely hot up as we head towards the weekend, so be prepared or you may be caught a little off-guard. Nudge nudge, wink wink! 😉

The key to successfully navigating the stunning energy of this week is to go with what inspires, moves and resonates with you on a soul level, and not overthink things too much. Otherwise you may let doubts creep in, or allow others to sabotage, distract or undermine you, especially midweek when the Sun squares Neptune.

So, stick to your guns, hold your focus and let your instincts guide you – you’ll know what decisions to make and where to put your energies if you listen closely enough and go with your gut.

For more details about this week’s cosmic weather, check out my latest videocast – now playing on IGTV. And for those who enjoy relationship tarot readings, you can catch my latest love tarot upload on YouTube.

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