Mercury Retrograde: Seeing in the Dark

If your thoughts are beginning to take on a brooding air, and you’re feeling the urge to become a bit more reclusive, it could well be your energetic response to the slowing of Mercury in Scorpio as it prepares for its third and final retrograde of 2020. 🦇

Bringing new meaning to the concept of ‘betwixt and between,’ Mercury’s retrospective through the dark underground caves and pools of penetrating Scorpio is urging us to dig deep and look below the surface of things to find the answers to previous emotional, psychological or occult mysteries that may have thus far eluded us.

More than likely, you find clues in the the gaps – the silences, pauses, unspoken undercurrents and inuendos i.e. what’s not being said. So listen closely and focus on the spaces between things to see the patterns and connect the dots.

This is a time when secrets and hidden motives could be revealed, especially around the time of the Hunter’s Full Moon that takes place on Halloween across the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. It could also potentially be a time of huge collective clearing, when deeply buried traumas and wounds from our shared past come back, not so much to haunt us, but rather to present themselves within the frame of our consciousness for healing and integration.

For behind the dragon of every fear, wound or dark thought is a truth that wants to be heard, seen or acknowledged before it can take its rightful place within the greater cosmic order. These ‘angry ghosts’ need to be appeased, either ritually, via a ceremonial offering or symbolic act, or in certain cases, literally, by righting past wrongs so that energetic balance can be restored once more.

As we recognize, delete, or rewrite the programs/behaviors, conditionings, masks, and identities that we have unconsciously worn most of our lives, we learn to “get out of our own way” and draw ourselves into harmony with the natural world and its myriad energies. This important aspect of shamanism cultivates the deep work and enables us to take off these “masks” and link up with our authentic soul-self in order to be a clear channel for such things as healing and divination. This process must happen over and over again for the shaman to be free of their programming and clear the energetic, emotional, mental, and physical muck out of the way so their soul can shine into the world.

Shamanism: Seeing in the Dark, Patheos

If I could offer one piece of advice, though, it would be to set aside all assumptions and suspend your usual logical modes of conscious perception momentarily’ and tune into your instincts – without allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement. For wherever this journey takes you, it is not about wallowing in victim consciousness, however tempting that may be right now.

Shamanism connects us with the powerful forces of energy, spirit, and our own soul-self by using our thinking machinery, wits and senses, awareness skills, and fact-finding abilities to shift our focus from ego to soul/spirit.

Shamanism: Seeing in the Dark, Patheos

Mercury’s 2020 segue through Scorpio is about walking the path of power – about using your inner ‘moon’ eye (the eye of Hermes-Thoth in the hermetic tradition) to see in the dark, to arrive at the heart of the matter – and then to own and transform that truth from weakness or pain into strength. This is the original meaning of the word ‘shaman’ and it the shamanic tradition, kept alive by indigenous peoples and cultures all over the world, that we are being called to tap into right now. This taps into our innate abilities – some think originally developed for survival purposes – to sense danger and see the invisible threads that connect the seemingly separate – useful qualities for the volatile days ahead that will help to guide you through what is likely to feel like another phase of the collective dark night that is November – fearlessly and with courage – towards the cosmic reset happening at the December solstice, care of Jupiter and Saturn.

We often think of non-ordinary reality as the land of mysterious miracles and the paranormal in which only the wild-eyed few who have ESP can communicate. Not true. Shamans are ordinary people trained to enter the non-ordinary world to bring its benefits to the aid of the everyday world. We all have the innate ability to do this. Much of the art, music, and wisdom that we enjoy in our daily lives come from ordinary people who know the power, beauty, and ecstasy of the non-ordinary world even though they may not travel there consciously.

Shamanism: Seeing in the Dark, Patheos

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