Telling Real from Fake: Jupiter-Neptune Redux

Get ready for the final pass of 2019’s most tricksy and challenging transit: the mutable square between Jupiter and Neptune.

This is your final test to see whether you’ve mastered 2019’s lessons concerning the ability to discern real from fake, fact from fantasy. Luckily, this time around, Mars and Pluto will be there to help us ‘keep it real’ and stay focused on where we want to go, despite any temptations to drag us off course or escape to Neverland…

Think back to mid-January and mid-June (and to 2006 when we last experienced this particular planetary combination). These periods brought many of us face to face with the truth of where we may’ve been:

  • Harbouring unrealistic expectations of situations or other people
  • Addicted/overly attached to outside sources/substances/systems as a way of trying to get validation or rescue/save us.
  • Lying to ourselves or others about self-defeating habits, escapist/self-indulgent behaviour
  • In denial/refusing to take responsibility for our actions or decisions
  • Wasting/leaking time, energy or resources on hopeless causes or thankless people
  • Leaving our reputation or immune system open to attack/smearing from debilitating illnesses, or by dishonest/judgemental people
  • Being too trusting, gullible or naive.

Now, as we build up to this third (and final) chapter in the Jupiter-Neptune story on 21 September, you could be presented with a chance to test out your newfound coping skills/knowledge, process recent experiences and integrate any clarity/insights that emerge after all that pain, grief, loss, disappointment and confusion.

Don’t be surprised if temptation once again slithers into town – just to see if you’ve learnt your lesson. However, this time around, you should see it coming because you’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Forewarned is forearmed.

The key is to stay grounded and keep things real. And to be fearless in shedding/cutting away anything or anyone that harbours even the faintest whiff of pretense/fakery/false promises.

As long as you remain focused on where you are going – and remember the truth – which is that you cannot depend on anyone outside of yourself (other than Source/God/the Universe) for your happiness and wellbeing – you’ll be fine.

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