Truth, Power & Transformation: Jupiter-Pluto conjunction

Today we reach the third and final pass of 2020’s second-most dramatic transit – the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in serious and determined Capricorn.

Interestingly, all three of these transits occurred during periods of very strongly Mars-themed energy:

  1. On April 5th (a day after the 444 gateway) – just days after the Spring Equinox (March 20th) when the Sun ingressed into Aries and Mars made contacts to both Jupiter (March 20th) and Pluto (March 23rd).
  2. On June 30th – a day after Mars ingressed into Aries for the first time (and the Moon was in Scorpio – the night rulership of the red planet). This also fell into the corridor between the June Solstice Solar Eclipse and July’s Rose Moon lunar eclipse.
  3. On 12 Nov – just 2 days before Mars turns direct in Aries on November 14th.

One of the overriding messages of this planetary triple act then, seems to be one of learning to control and channel our animal passions or anger – much like the Strength card in the tarot trumps which uses the metaphor of taming the fiery energy of the solar lion…(see left)

As the final chapter of this three-part drama, the November conjunction is all about integration and consolidation – a time to confirm decisions or conclude changes (or intentions) set in motion around the 2020 Spring Equinox surrounding our core beliefs and spiritual values. In other words, getting clear on our beliefs and priorities: what we consider to be truly important to us. eg Being liked or being true to our beliefs.

It may also be a time of karmic clearing and purging, both on a personal and collective level – letting go of toxic patterns or beliefs; as well as a major pivot point on humanity’s forward trajectory as lies are revealed and outworn cultural or power structures are finally shed.

Although potentially dramatic and uncomfortable, growth is the name of the game. And what could be more transformative and expansive than standing in one’s truth and power?

To find out more about the intense astrology of this week, check out my latest videocast on IGTV.

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