Major Turning Point: Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

Have you noticed the build-up of intensity this week as we head for what’s probably the second biggest transit of 2020 so far: wise and expansive Jupiter’s conjunction to powerful change agent Pluto.

From an astrological point of view, this marks a threshold – a major turning point for humanity – from one paradigm into another – one that is being marked out for us by Saturn’s three-year tour through idealistic and visionary Aquarius.

It’s no coincidence then, that this once-in-12 year event occurs just after the so-called 4-4-4 portal, which is all about grounding, mastery and manifestation – think Emperor energy in tarot terms.

This tarot card is a reference to Plato’s assertion that earthly life is actually an inversion – a mirror image or dim reflection of the true spiritual reality. In order to understand true reality, we need to turn things ‘on their heads’.

See this as the next phase of the new 36-year cycle begun at the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January 10. This began the nigredo or blackening that marks the start of the alchemical process – this particular astrological event marks the mid-point of the nigredo – the moritificatio – what the alchemists referred to as ‘caput corvi’ – the head of the raven, which was often associated with images of decapitation, because it is the ego mind which is so often the true cause of our suffering. Carl Jung, who was a student of alchemy and someone not unfamiliar with depression, wrote that:

“Beheading is significant symbolically as the separation of the `understanding’ from the `great suffering and grief’ which nature inflicts on the soul. It is an emancipation of the `cogitatio‘ which is situated in the head, a freeing of the soul from the `trammels of nature.’ (i.e. of our human embodied condition]

In alchemical terms, then, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could be seen as a symbolic ‘cutting off the head – a call to let go of what we thought we knew, understand intellectually or believed to be true about how reality ‘works’. This is about revelation, which may involve an inversion of reality (ie a call to turn what we know ‘on its head’) – and an opening of our higher minds and hearts to the truth – both of who we really are and where we find ourselves collectively – and then acknowledging what needs to change in order for us to avert catastrophe and move forward collectively on a different path.

With Pluto in the mix, it’s entirely possible that certain power structures or socio-economic and cultural institutions may not come out of this period intact. On a personal level, don’t be surprised if you start to question some long-held attitudes, assumptions or philosophies, particularly those you have inherited from your family, culture or social background, which may not be resonating with you or external circumstances any longer. In tarot terms, this experience is associated with the Tower card (left), in which mental structures that are not built on solid ground are likely to topple when struck the lightning of unforeseen events. See my post on Saturn and the coronavirus on the Astroinsights blog where I discuss this imagery in more detail.

Notice the crown at the top of the tower, indicating that what needs to change are our thoughts, beliefs or ideas – our interpretations or assumptions – about situations, rather than the situation itself.

Unsurprisingly then, this aspect does have the potential to ramp up the drama and chaos being played out on the world stage – just something to bear in mind right now. However, this need not become overwhelming or knock you off-centre, provided you accept things as they are, stand in your truth, detach from your ego mind and switch off your reptilian brain, which tends to obsess, worry and loves to catastrophize. The important thing is to realize that where we are headed is going to be so much better than we where we have been – however, the process of getting there may involve some growing pains.

Wise and expansive Jupiter is urging us to find the silver lining in amongst all the Plutonian doom and gloom. And by shifting our perspective and giving yourself the space to see the bigger picture, you may well come to see that certain institutions and structures that make up the fabric of our daily lives may need to be swept away in order for something new, better – and less broken – to take their place.

The alchemists tells us that the goal of this process is enlightenment: the emergence of the ‘golden head’ – the awakening to our solar or higher consciousness that connects us to our spirit guides and spiritual essence, which exists beyond the limitations of the physical world of death, suffering and mortality – and is what will endure long after our physical bodies have given out.

One alchemical text maps out the course of this process:

“The black which is the head of the art, the white which is the middle, and the red which brings all things to an end”

So, whatever you are experiencing now – just know that it has a purpose – is part of a much bigger process, more importantly, will not last forever. So just breathe, stay centred and if possible, join the mass meditation happening from 10:45pm Eastern Standard Time on April the 4th. For more information, visit:

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