Lies, Truth & Revelations

We have collectively passed through a portal that may at first feel as though we have entered the looking glass – just like CS Lewis’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

However, as the philosopher Plato taught, what we think of as reality here on earth is actually a mirror image – an inversion – of how things really are in the spiritual dimensions.

As it has been doing since it entered Capricorn back in 2008, Pluto will slowly continue to undermine what we may have come to know and trust, particularly when it comes to established institutions and those in positions of authority. (For more on Pluto as the Truth teller and exposer of what’s hidden or covered up, see my video on Youtube about the background to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction)

This is the purpose of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which has activated a time when mental paradigms and beliefs will begin to shift, particularly as we discover the sometimes not so nice truth about who/what we thought we could trust.

As this process of revelation and unveiling starts to unfold, and everything we know gets turned on its head, we need to be patient and discerning.

Mercury is still detrimented in Pisces and is parting from a conjunction with illusory and tricksy Neptune, so not everything we learn or hear now will feel like – or be – the truth.

However, it’s sextiles to Pluto and Jupiter on Wednesday and Thursday will help us to tune into our internal GPS systems – our gut and intuition – in order to sort truth from fiction; fake news and propaganda from expose and whistleblowing.

Pluto and Jupiter are also urging us to get real and consider all possibilities – this is a time when it is wise to question everything, including our own biases and habitual assumptions – before finally settling on a judgement.

May the light of clarity and truth be with you!

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