Making Dreams Come True: Jupiter-Neptune

On 20-2-2020, Jupiter and Neptune are set to come together for their first sextile aspect of 2020. And what a cracker it is!

This is the first major meeting of the planets of dreams and beliefs since 2019’s series of disillusioning square aspects, which brought many people face to face with their own addictions, weaknesses, false beliefs, cognitive dissonance and inflated judgements.

Think back to mid-January, mid-June and the September Equinox of 2019 when these influences peaked for clues as to what you may now be transmuting from negative to positive. (For a recap of the main features of the Jupiter-Neptune squares check out my September blog post.)

The main overall theme back then was discernment – how to distinguish real from fake, and to learn to tell the difference between genuine spiritual guidance and sound beliefs, on one hand vs. quick fix quackery, escapist delusions and sensationalist superstition, on the other.

This time around, Jupiter and Neptune will be making a dynamic and cooperative sextile aspect = good news! See this as a chance to make something positive come from last year’s crisis of faith. It’s time to find the rainbows and silver linings – the nuggets of wisdom – in last year’s mirages and storm clouds.

Use this fanastically expansive and uplifting transit to really fine-tune your intuition, break out of your funk of apathy or disillusionment, and explore the creative power of your imagination.

Miracles really can occur now if you can bring yourself to believe that they are possible – and find grounded and constructive ways to manifest them on the earth plane.

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