Orpheus & Eurydice: Venus-Mars 2.0

Love could get a little intense – and passionate – as we head for 2022’s second conjunction between the two love planets, Venus and Mars. In fact, don’t be surprised if you feel as though your closest connections are being tested during this period.

That’s because both planets are set to meet with dark lord, Pluto, in Capricorn on March the 3rd, just days before they are due to make their second conjunction in airy Aquarius (March 6). This could throw up some challenges, possibly in the form of a power struggle, confrontation or revelation – one that could prove to be pivotal for the relationship.

Pluto doesn’t pull any punches, and positioned in Capricorn, the sign of the devil or ‘horny’ goat, there could be a strong emphasis on confronting the toxic or shadow sides of love: addiction, obsession, sexual deviance, hedonism or infidelity. Think back to some of the themes raised during Venus retrograde and you’ll get the idea. Add to this the presence of Mars, the planet of desire but also conflict, and you could have a potentially explosive situation on your hands. Issues around conflict, abuse, anger and control are just some of the ways this combination may be experienced – much will depend on your natal placements as to what houses or life areas this trio affects.

Pluto is one of the planets associated with karma, so it’s possible that this triple conjunction could coincide with uncontrollable events that force your hand, leading to make or break decisions in love, sex, money, creativity. This is kill or cure – a lot like pharmakon, the Greek word for medicine, which means poison, narcotic and elixir simultaneously. If your connection is crying out for greater honesty, more passion or a drastic change of direction, this could be your moment to turn things around – but only if you or your counterpart are prepared to be brutally honest, both with yourself and others, and dedicated to eliminating any toxicity that might be poisoning your connection or preventing you from experiencing deeper levels of trust or intimacy.

With its strong emphasis on Neptunian themes, the Pisces New Moon is the perfect lunar phase during which to undertake some form of healing journey or therapy that involves music, trance or dreamwork. This connection is further emphasised by the fact that the first conjunction of Venus & Mars during Valentine’s week happened near to the fixed star, Vega, the alpha star in the constellation of Lyra, which represents the lyre of Orpheus – the archetypal poet, musician and shaman in Greek mythology. There may also be connections between events that unfolded in February and now, as well as to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice – something I discuss in detail in my Pisces New Moon videocast.

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