Battle of the Sexes: Venus-Mars Square

After their double conjunction in February and March 2022, Venus and Mars square each other about a week after the September 2022 Pisces Full Moon. With Mercury retrograde and the Sun opposing Neptune on the same day, the likelihood of lovers’ quarrels and money mix-ups is pretty high.

In many ways, this has the plot of Midsummer Night’s Dream written all over it – plenty of sexual tension, romantic high-jinks and misadventures. Think of Shakespeare’s famous quote: ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’…

IN astrological terms, this could translate to everything from romantic misunderstandings and love triangles, to confusing business deals or a creative project or business vision with no clear strategy or plan of execution – especially given the confusing energy of Mercury retrograde in relationship sign, Libra and the foggy Sun-Neptune opposition. Think someone who has ‘all the gear and no idea’.

To help get you started, I have provided a summary below with some suggestions for how this particular aspect could manifest.

DATE:  16 September 2022

THEMES: Battle of the Sexes. A continuation of the themes from the Virgo New Moon around the 59-6 channel: the dance of intimacy. You can learn more in the video I did about it.

KEYWORDS: Sexual tension, crimes of passion, lovers’ quarrels, passionate affairs, infidelity, crude advances, the battle of the sexes, S & M, love rivalry, spicing things up, sexual jealousy, love hurts, polyamory, lust that creates messiness, power struggle stage of relationship

OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRANSMUTATION – both go on to trine several outer planets: Possibly a temporary separation or power struggle stage in relationship in order to make positive changes, navigate co-dependence vs. independence (Uranus), mature or move towards deeper levels of commitment (Saturn) or move into a more honest, empowered place (Pluto).

For more details, watch my September 2022 Full Moon forecast

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