Venus-Neptune: The Siren’s Call

Beware of seductive traps and offers that appear to be too good to be true – they probably are, if today’s Venus-Neptune opposition is anything to go by.

When these two planets are afflicted, they take on the taint of the snake oil salesman. Venus is the lovebomber, doing everything she can to hook you in, while Neptune makes promises it has no intention of keeping before robbing you blind of energy and then gaslighting you.⁠

Whether it’s business, personal or creative stuff, if you’re offered a tempting proposal or contract, be sure to ask lots of questions, read the fine print and don’t assume anything. ⁠

And when it comes to relationships, don’t give away your power to charmers or future fakers. If somebody hurt/disappointed you in the past, there’s a very strong chance they will do it again.

This transit is the epitome of ‘between the Devil and the deep blue sea’. Some tricky choices need to be made, and it is imperative to stick to your values and principles.⁠

Short term gain will more than likely end in long term pain. So take responsibility for your own wellbeing and maintain strong personal and psychic boundaries.

You have been warned. Sell your soul to the devil at your own peril.

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