Mercury the Wayshower

This weekend, Mercury, taking on the mantle of Hermes the psychopomp, will pave the way for the personal planets to make a series of triple-leaps from Saturn, the teacher and taskmaster, to Jupiter the enthuser and finally, to Pluto, the transmuter. After the nigredo of June-July, it’s time to shed some dead weight, recalibrate your beliefs and step into your personal power.

Between Sep 5-19, swift-moving Mercury will act as a wayshower, creating a sort of cosmic yellow-brick trail made up of three pitstops for the personal planets, including the Sun, Venus and Mars, all currently in Virgo, to follow.

What this means is that over the next week or so, we’re being offered the opportunity to let go of some major karmic baggage and make some major personal shifts (I hate the word ‘upgrade’ as it sounds so machine-like) in preparation for our final encounter with 2019’s most tricky transit, the Jupiter-Neptune square, at the equinoxes.

Each planetary contact acts as a stepping stone, leading you away from the old pain and self-sabotaging habits into a completely new phase of your life. Top and tailing this process are encounters with the lords of karma: Saturn and Pluto, who will be testing us to make sure we’ve learnt our lessons and taken responsibility for our role in past events.

Inbetween, we may need to make some Jupiter-style adjustments to our beliefs, future plans and morals/principles. However, the prize at the end of all this is a newfound sense of inner strength, stability, and faith in our ability to take control of our destiny.

Think of this next set of transits as a bit like a row of dominoes which all have a cumulative knock-on effect. As your mindset (Mercury) changes, so does everything else in your life including self-esteem and expression (Sun), relationships and values (Venus) and the way you ultimately go about things (Mars)

Are you ready?

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