March 2015 Astro-Insights

Aries red cloudsLast month, we began to feel a shift in astral gear, from languid and laidback to full throttle ahead as Mars entered Aries. This spirit of renewal and initiation continues into March as more of the personal planets take their turn to ingress into Aries. Get ready for plenty of action from the get-go, starting with a series of spectacular aspects between the benefics and Uranus in Aries on the 3rd and 4th, bringing about some unexpectedly positive developments, and culminating in a solar eclipse at the spring equinox, which ushers in a brand new six month cycle for our planet. The new astrological year sets everyone off with a bang!

Lunar Phases

FULL MOON IN VIRGO – 5 March 2015

The urge to spring clean your life could loom large at the Virgo Full Moon on the 5th. Coming just a day after a series of remarkable transits between Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, at 18h05 GMT (13h05 EST/20h05 SAST) during which new and rather startling developments could force you to make some important decisions in a very short space of time, this Full Moon could see you letting go of aspects of your life that are no longer working. Reinforcing the theme of catharsis and transition is a trine between the Moon and Pluto, the planet associated with dramatic shifts, purging and elimination. Like a snake shedding its skin, you could find yourself casting off emotionally-driven patterns of behaviour, routines or habits that disempower you, hold you back or make you ill. Surgery is a powerful theme now, as is detoxing and dietary changes. At this time, you’ll feel more confident about letting go of relationships or situations that have had their day than you have in a long time; as well as capable of exercising more discernment about who you give your time and energy to. No bad thing – the more you streamline your life now and face whatever is haunting you psychologically, the more ready you’ll be to welcome in the exciting changes and new developments that arise at the New Moon solar eclipse on March the 20th.

NEW MOON IN PISCES – 20 March 2015 (Solar Eclipse)

On the same day as the Spring Equinox, a solar eclipse in the last degrees of Pisces ushers in a brand new six month cycle for our planet. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is the great stone face (being the projection of an ideal). According to James Burgess, this Sabian Symbol is all about the…

“…externalization of inner aspiration, which subsequently becomes our life goal. More than anything, we desire to realize in actuality the vision we create of the ideal person – who we would at all costs become.”[i]

If the Full Moon on the 5th is about letting go of what is not ideal for you, then this New Moon Solar Eclipse is all about embracing a new way of life and being that allows us to become who we feel we were meant to be. This eclipse comes at an interesting time –at the start of a new lunar cycle and at the Spring Equinox and the beginning of a new astrological year – and at an interesting place in the zodiac – in the last degrees of Pisces, just prior to the Sun’s ingress into Aries. As such, I think it should be interpreted as a sort of sacred space between the ideal (Pisces) and the realised (Aries), between imagination and action. In other words, in terms of energy and themes, I think that we can expect the next six months to be very much about trying to realise ideals, put ideas into action and turn dreams into reality.  Astrologically, there has never been a better time to begin anew. If you aspire to live a more authentic and spiritually attuned life, then use this energy to begin your journey – carpe diem!

For a more in-depth forecast, visit my March-April 2015 eclipse predictions.

[i] Burgess, Full Circle: Commentary on the Work of Dr Marc Edmund Jones as an Introduction to his Understanding Of Sabian Symbols,

Solar Phases

SUN INTO ARIES – 20 March 2015

This year, the Sun will ingress into action-oriented and independent Aries on the 20th at 22h45 GMT (17h45 EST/00h45 SAST). Marking as it does in the northern hemisphere the Spring Equinox and the start of a brand new astrological year, this is an important seed moment – a time of renewal and vibrancy, of beginnings and of hope, like sunshine after a rainstorm.

Coming as it does in the wake of a solar eclipse in the final degrees of Pisces, this ingress is infused with a spiritual and creative energy that inspires us to realise our individual potential whilst also working towards the greater good, combining self-fulfillment with a spirit of higher intentionality.

Lynda Hill sums up the essence of this degree in her book, 360 degrees of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle, thus:

“It is time to claim your place or make a mark in this new world. So much potential lies ahead of you. Welcome this new beginning and be fearless in the face of the changes that are coming. Accept the ‘Embrace’ of those who welcome you into this new sphere. It is inevitable that you’ll leave something behind as you move into this new territory. Enjoy the journey and give birth to self-love, self-worth and divine creativity. Let go of the past and emerge into life and love.”

Happy astrological New Year!

Key Planetary Events & Red Letter Transits

Retrogrades & Stations to note

Saturn retrogrades – 15 March

Midmonth, Saturn will station in time for its annual six month long retrograde spell. Between now and early August, you’ll feel less restrictions in terms of judgement from yourself or others if you don’t get things right first time. With the pressure off, you can feel more freedom to experiment, test out your beliefs against everyday experience and expand your knowledge base, especially when it comes to travel, philosophy, religion and the law. Learning from well-respected teachers, gurus or perhaps through books about other cultures, philosophies or religions are all good ways to open your mind and explore new intellectual horizons.

The only thing you’ll want to watch out for is Saturn’s re-entry into Scorpio in mid-June, signalling a 3 month period lasting until 1 October when you may need to tie up a few loose ends left over from the last two years. For a recap of what this could mean for you, visit my January 2015 Skylights page and navigate to ‘Saturn back into Sagittarius’.

Key Planetary Ingresses

Mercury into Pisces – 13-30 March

A month after Mercury ended its first retrograde spell, the planet of learning, communicating, travelling, politics and commerce re-enters Pisces on March the 13th.  Traditionally, Mercury is not very happy in this sign, mainly because logical thought and the ability to transmit ideas relies on precision, structure and clarity – qualities that subtle but nebulous Pisces is not renowned for. Still, this could be a creative time when your ability to tune into other ways of thinking and other forms of consciousness comes much easier. Meditation, philosophical contemplation and cultivating an active imagination are all possible expressions of Mercury in Pisces. If you are easily confused or have a problem with boundaries, then you may want to take extra time and care in preparing your accounts, or any company contracts or memos because it’ll be easy to get muddled up now. Ideally, save tasks such as editing, reviewing or critiques until April when Mercury’s ingress into Aries should help to sharpen up your mental faculties again.

Venus into Taurus – 17 March-11 April

After her early celebrations with Jupiter and Uranus, Venus will settle down into a more stable and more established routine when she glides into earthy Taurus on the 17th.  Traditionally, Venus is exalted here, no doubt because of the fertility and abundance of this particular sign, which chimes so well with the planet of love’s voluptuous and sensual nature. The next few weeks should be about the pleasure of the senses – taking the time to smell the spring blossoms, eat delicious food in good company and generally enjoy the return of nature’s beauty and lush bounty to our immediate surroundings. If you enjoyed some passionate encounters or creative peaks when Venus was in Aries, then this could be a time when you consolidate your gains and assess what your next month should be.

Preparing for the next Venus-Jupiter encounter is one way to do so – after her encounter with Jupiter in early March, she will reunite with her fellow benefic in late April when she ingresses into Gemini– a golden period you’ll want to take advantage of, especially if you are in the media, communications, education, travel or fashion business. For a recap of key Venus-Jupiter transits during 2015, visit my 2015 Skylights page.

Key Aspects

Below are some astrological highlights you won’t want to miss during March.  

3-4 March – Jupiter trine Uranus conjunct Venus

If you thought the Venus-Mars conjunction last week-end was exciting, you’ll want to think again. Over the next two days, the two benefics team up with unpredictable and dynamic Uranus in Aries to rock your world – in a big way! Get ready for change – possibly of the unexpected, but certainly of the positive kind. If you’ve been hankering for adventure or been keen to expand your creative or romantic horizons, then consider this a golden opportunity to live a more authentic life, find a stimulating and thrilling partner to share your life with,  or alternatively, carve out more space and autonomy for yourself within existing relationships.

If you want to make a difference in the world, then you could find doors suddenly opening for you around this time. One thing you will not tolerate at this time is restriction of any kind, whether this be social rules or traditional conventions.  The words ‘no’, ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible’ are not likely to be part of your vocabulary now, and anyone who uses them is likely to find themselves politely dismissed or ignored – and rightly so! Belief in miracles is essential if they are to happen, and right now, anything is possible. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to reach for the stars!

10 March – Mars trine Jupiter

The good vibes continue well into March as Mars, planet of action, motivation and physical vitality moves to trine jovial Jupiter.  If you’ve been feeling a bit lacklustre, bored or generally lacking in confidence of late, then get ready for a turbo-charged boost of motivation, verve and joie de vivre! This auspicious aspect is likely to give you back your mojo. Under this transit, you could rekindle a passion for learning, philosophy or travelling, regain your health or rediscover your sense of fun and playfulness.  Most importantly, you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to achieve some major milestones politically or socially. This could be a real high point in terms of your social, religious, educational or cultural life. Get ready to shine!

17 March – Uranus square Pluto

With any highs also come lows and sadly, today we reach another chapter in the story that is Uranus-Pluto as these two planetary heavyweights prepare to do battle once again after wreaking havoc with a spate of brutal beheadings and fatal road and aviation accidents between mid-November and early January. Once again, we are asked to confront the growing gap between the haves and have-nots in society, between the idealism and rebellion of youth and the cynicism and conservativism of old age, and between the violence of revolution and the tyranny of those who want to hold onto power.

As I have watched this aspect surface again and again in relation to violent events such as wars, riots and terrorism, I am struck by the recurring themes of social alienation and injustice that seems to have become an anthem for our times. As the economic and political chasm widens between those in a position of power and privilege, on one hand; and the masses, on the other, many of whom are feeling increasingly exploited and disenfranchised by what they perceive to be a social and economic system that is firmly rigged in favour of the wealthy few, I think that the potential for civil unrest will continue to grow.  Sadly, then I expect this aspect to coincide with fresh headlines about brutality in Syria and Iraq, war in Ukraine, and riots and mass killings, especially in those countries affected by the Arab Spring.

On a more personal note, the next few weeks could bring up the shadow side of change, whether this be via dramatic circumstances that force change upon you, or through encountering people who are angry, disruptive or oppressively controlling. Such encounters are most likely to occur if you keep resisting change, even though you know it needs to happen, or are somehow trying to hold other people back, perhaps because you are afraid of losing them. If so, then things could reach a climax of sorts now, perhaps via an emergency or urgent crisis that demands your full attention. My advice: however painful or dire things may seem, try not to hold on or resist what is happening – it’ll only make matters worse. Acceptance and adaptation are the two qualities you’ll need to survive now, so cultivate them and then let go. The sooner you face up to what needs to happen, the sooner you can make the transition into a new, more authentic way of being that will ultimately benefit everyone.

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