Venus into Libra

As we near the Hunter’s Full Moon, Venus changes signs, ingressing into fair-minded and logical Libra on October 28. Libra is one of her natural domains – it is in this airy sign that she embodies qualities such as justice, equality and fairmindedness.

The irony being that the planet of relationship, peace and diplomacy will be anything BUT reasonable or balanced during November! After a breezy October filled with fabulous earth trines, Venus is set to encounter more than a little resistance from the outer planets as you can see from the list of cardinal squares and oppositions listed in the graphic. Consider this a time of learning, recalibration and growth, especially when it comes to interpersonal relations, money and values.

In essence, Venus will switch roles with Mars, which really got a battering from the outer planets during October. After the lessons in patience, maturity and fortitude we were forced to undergo as a result, we now get the green light to take action, as well as express our needs, assert ourselves or take the initiative. This is especially true after November 14th when Mars turns direct.

As we do so, however, we may be required to make some adjustments to the way we communicate our intentions, plans or desires due to a confluence of Venus and Mercury, which will ingress into Libra on the same day as its sister planet. Mercury, which is currently retrograde, shifts back into Libra briefly before changing direction on November the 3rd, from where it heads back into Scorpio on Nov 10.

This brother-sister combination is drawing our attention to relationships and social interactions of all kinds, particularly those areas where where we may be compromising our integrity by settling/conforming; or over-compensating energetically, creatively or financially in order to please others or keep the peace.

⁠This brief coming together of Venus and a retrograde Mercury over the next couple of weeks may also help to explain the strong message concerning connections and communications that came through in my latest geoscope for the Hunters Moon on Oct 31. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

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