Crowns & Towers: 2020 US Elections

It’s probably fair to say that the opening half of November is likely to be pretty chaotic and changeable.

Not only does Mercury station on the day of the US Elections in the sign of the law, justice and politics but it will also swing between the double whammy of not one but two squares to Saturn, planet of time, old age, patriarchy and karma in conservative Capricorn all in the space of a week!

These prohibitive aspects on Nov 1 (retrograde) and Nov 6 (direct) could prove procedurally problematic, especially with regards to mail ballots and vote counting – the astrology certainly looks as though there will be delays, errors as well as court challenges.

As if that weren’t enough, the 2020 US Election election will also key into the energies of the Halloween Blue Moon, with its links to rabble-rousing Uranus and the June 5 lunar eclipse, adding an air of turbulence and uncertainty to the two week period of the waning moon cycle that takes us to mid-November. The so-called ‘October Surprise’ may yet have one final plot twist up its sleeve!

On the plus side, this does look as though, despite COVID, this election is likely to boast voter turnout numbers not seen in more than a century!

To find out more, check out my article on the AstroInsights blog and the accompanying geomancy videocast on YouTube.

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